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    With this section, I want to answer you the most common questions about Beatle Web.

Are The originals pages more larges?
Yes, the originals are about 3200*4300 resolution. The downloaded pages are a scale reduction from real page compressed in JPG format. Each original page occupy 40 Mb in BMP format.

Do you go to make some kind of subscription?
No, you can see the comic pages fully free.

What do you obtain with this comic?
Absolutely nothing, just the satisfaction to make something I like.

Are you alone making the comic?
I can say yes, but it is not the truth. When I make a page I get a lot of help from Rod Davis and you. Rod has sent to me many pictures about this period, without them this comic couldn't be possible. However the intention about each illustration, the designs, the colors, the effects etc. are fully mine.

Are all the works in Beatle Web developed are made by you?

Why have you developed this comic?
Because I love The Beatles, I am a really fan.

How many time do you need to make one page?
Making one page is a complex process,  first of all there is a script for this page, afterwards I need to think how to make the illustrations, to reflect the best thing possible its representation, afterwards to design a pencil sketch on paper, then to make the finished of the illustration, to make standing out all lines, later to scan the illustration. This process is repeated with all illustrations of one page. afterwards the illustrations are limited to the page size, later all illustrations are placed in the page and they are coloured one to one, afterwards when they are coloured the effects and shines are made. Later I make an image of this page and the text is wroten here. And at the end the text page and illustrations page is merged. Depending on each page, the time can fluctuate between 8 and 12 days by page, though it can be more large depending of my job.

What can I do to obtain the comic pages if my modem or computer is very slowly and I can't download them?
Unfortunately I can't do something about this. The server where you download is fast then if the problem is in your computers, I can to make nothing, I'm sorry.

Are you a professional designer?
No, my job isn't to design, I do this by hobby, though my tool is a computer.

Have you thought to sell it?
No, because the comic is starting and I have a little bit material, but later maybe.

I think I have answered some of your doubts. Thank you everybody about your interest in Beatle Web.