dibujo.jpg (1509 bytes)       DRAWING

   This section, include the design made by pencil, charcoal, indian ink, etc.

   This technique is the most developed by me, because all the design made until now for the comic series "THE BEATLES' STORY IN COMICS", are made by pencil.

   A few design have been modified once scanned, therefore you'll find some difference between the design here represented and the final design of the ilustration in the comic.  

  Below you can see some of the originals developed for these series.

dibujop1.jpg (2675 bytes) dibujop2.jpg (2703 bytes) dibujop3.jpg (2654 bytes) dibujop4.jpg (2318 bytes) dibujop5.jpg (2473 bytes) dibujop6.jpg (2572 bytes)

  All these originals are in jpg format. Click on each one of them and you'll be able to see these design  more detailed.