comicb.jpg (3662 bytes) THE BEATLES' STORY IN COMICS    

    "The beatles' story in comics" is a comic strip  series which I have created which tells the story of THE BEATLES in .JPG format (low compression) full colour 800 * 1075 resolution and about 400k. These pages are drawn in pencil on paper, scanned and coloured in the computer using a graphics package. To obtain more detailed information about the process click here. The size of these pages allows them to be printed without loss of quality.
    The comic strip contains cartoon drawings of the beatles themself and other persons who featured during their career. I have tried to make these drawings as accurate as possible, although for some  people  I have only been able to obtain one photograph, therefore the likeness is not as close as I would wish. I have also tried to recreate the environmental detail of the time, the towns, vehicles, buildings, hairstyles, clothes, etc.

    In order to make this comic strip, I have obtained information from Rod Davis (The Quarrymen member), books, photos, videos and of course from the Internet.

    Please send me your comments and criticism.

   I'll try to produce the rest of the pages as quickly as possible, depending on the demands of my other work.
   Below you will find a full-size example in .jpg format of one drawing from the comic strip.

cdrome.jpg (15345 bytes) The CD-ROMs

(Here the text is in spanish but in the comic it is in english).

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And now, click here and enjoy this comic.