The steps are the following:

.- The script of the page is made. What illustrations must be in this page for the understanding of the script are thought.

.- Once what is meant is known, the page is separated in a fixed number of illustrations.

.- For each fixed illustration, an idea is choosen. A hard pencil is taken and with this one a sketch is made about the scene we want to represent. For example: John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison travel above into a bus. Paul is reading the newspaper, John is take to the bus bar and he invites George to play something with the guitar.

paso1.jpg (19929 bytes)

(This picture is darken because it is hard to see).

.-  Once the sketch is made, a soft pencil is taken and the more important lines are mended. An eraser is used to disappear the rest.

paso2.jpg (22840 bytes)

.- The following step is to scan the picture.

.- Once the scan is made, with the adecuated design program the ilustration is touched up, doing the straight lines and other details to make stand out, later the picture is stretched to fit the page.

paso3.jpg (30724 bytes)

.- The following step is to choose the range of colours for the illustration and once choosed it's painted.

paso4.jpg (24394 bytes)

.- At last the colours are merged with the adecuated design program, so that the dots of the illustration disappear, the picture is stretched and placed in the respective page and text is added if needed.

(Here the text is in spanish language but in the comic it is in english language).

paso5.jpg (22040 bytes)