This is a project for the future.

    I have already explained in this section that the comic pages which are available for downloading are reduced in scale from the originals down to 800 x 1750 pixels. The originals are produced in full colour bmp, at 3200 x 4300 pixels, which makes each page bigger than 40 megabytes. To give you a rough idea, the pages which you can download have a resolution of 90 pixels per inch, whereas the originals are at 400 pixels per inch.

    I am explaining all this because many of you have asked me if there was any possibility of obtaining copies of the original pages, this is my answer.

    Until recently I worked on the comic simply for fun, drawing when I felt like it and producing the illustrations for each page whenever I had some spare time. The english translations were produced by friends of mine and sometimes I even did them myself. however when I got to know Rod Davis, all this changed. Rod put me right about various aspects of the early story and he produced professional translations using the slang of the time which I obviously would not have been able to put together. As I was getting further into the story, both the drawings and the text were becoming more professional and seeing how popular the comic was becoming I started to devote more and more time to it.

There is now the possibility of putting these completed chapters on to CD-ROM.

    You will still be able to download the pages of the comic and also read it completely free of charge, as you have been able to do until now. however, for those of you who are dedicated beatles fans and who would like to be able to have the comic to keep, this may soon be a possibility.

    Let me explain: Rod and I are studying the possibility of producing the whole comic, chapter by chapter, on CD-ROM. however we are very keen to know how interested would you, the readers, be in this idea, because such a project would involve considerable expense on our part.

    The cd would be in two versions, spanish and english. the pages would be in jpg format without compression, at 3200 x 4300 pixels, at approximately 8 megabytes per page. we envisage that it would contain various sections such as:

About this chapter.
Photos of the places which appear in the comic.
Photos of the people who appear in the comic.
Historical photos on which drawings are based.
Words of the songs.
Sketches from some of the comic panels.

The price of these cd-roms would be about 10 euros per chapter.

buzon.gif (3394 bytes) Please let me know what you think of this idea, I'd like to hear all your opinions, favourable and unfavourable.

Please let me know what you think of this idea, i'd like to hear all your opinions, favourable and unfavourable.

Click on the drawing to download one of these original pages and see what page 7 of chapter three would look like.

pag07.jpg (30829 bytes)

My thanks to everyone.

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